As I was watching the Presidential debate, I too was struck by Governor Romney’s binder-full-of-women comment.  In addition to the jaw-dropping awkwardness of the comment, I couldn’t stop thinking about how funny it was to imagine President Bill Clinton’s reaction to a sitting governor being handed a binder full of women.  I mean, that’s the kind of thing that could get a fella impeached, am I right?

So I downloaded a photo of Bill Clinton, slapped a line of text on it, and thinking of no more than entertaining a few friends, posted it to my Facebook page(s).  And then it went viral, with not one but two well-known websites naming it best post-debate meme.  For your viewing pleasure, here it is:

Why do I bring this up now, as my 15 minutes of totally anonymous digital fame are quickly dwindling?  Well, let’s try to make something positive happen out of it.  Please share and forward this blog post so that people will see this message:

Please adopt your next pet from an animal shelter or rescue group.

Please spay or neuter your pets to help lower shelter intake in the future.

Please support the No Kill animal-sheltering movement and only those animal-welfare groups that are dedicated to No Kill sheltering— groups like the No Kill Advocacy Center and Austin Pets Alive.

Thank you!

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  1. Carol Tutzauer October 18, 2012

    Shared and shared again. Getting the No Kill message out, any way possible!

  2. JoyValdez October 18, 2012

    Loved it! Sharing! Support adoptions and no kill animal shelters.

  3. Mary October 18, 2012

    Sorry, Ryan, but I get behind this. It’s not cute – why alienate half the people when you are trying to help animals. I am tired of the binder joke when we have real problems in our country. Because of Obama’s failed policies, how many people have lost their homes? How many animals too?

    • Ryan Clinton October 18, 2012

      Well, it is what it is (a joke), and I personally don’t think “half the people” in America can’t appreciate the joke and move on. Plus, I used it to bring attention to spay/neuter and rescue pets. I’m not feeling bad about it.

      • Alendra October 20, 2012

        I am so happy to see that someone actually uses their fifteen minutes of fame to support a cause I feel is so important and yet so terribly ignored. I don’t know what your personal reason for caring so much, but I just know that I have always been an animal lover. If there is anything else you think of that someone like me can do to help–just let me know (I gave my email). Please continue to use all your fame to further this cause. You put forth your ideas so intelligently and simply–you could surely make another cute ad and see if that goes viral too! Anyway, thanks for being a seemingly more than decent human being, take care. Sincerely, Alendra.

    • Not in His Binder October 18, 2012

      Lighten up a little — we don’t have to be serious ALL the time! I’m defintely a Romeny supporter, but I can certainly find great humor in this meme. Well done, Ryan! Oh, and I also donate very regularly to the Atlanta Humane Society, my favorite local, no-kill shelter. Cheers!

      • marieann smith October 18, 2012

        I am totaly a Obama supporter, sorry, but that is just the man I believe in. But I totally support you and your conviction to stop all kill shelter facilities! I have a rescue horse(19 yrs here) and Jack Russell that I would die for!!! We feed every stray that comes by here, Human or animal! God bless you and your success!!!!

        Marieann Smith
        West Virginia!!!!!

    • Margie Oliveira October 18, 2012

      Mary, People did not lose their homes because of Obama. They lost their home because of corporations who got greedy and because they maxed out credit cards and didn’t save a penny. I work with people who are in financial dire straight and I can tell you Obama did not make them spend their money on foolish purchaces!!!!! One had 178,000 on their home mortgage that they had for 25 yrs and their original mortgage was 100,000! After 25 yrs and not one penny of principal. SICK! They also had almost 100K in credit card debt. And no savings! Pathetic! They are losing their home because of their own actions!

    • denise bligh October 19, 2012

      Lighten up Mary. That is the problem with a lot of people. LAUGH once in a while.

    • Judith T October 20, 2012

      mary you really believe that its obamas fault that some of his policies didnt work? are you aware about it that the republicans block alot of his tries to change things?
      and you really believe romney will make it better haha, yes he will for the rich and the poor will getting more poorer.
      you should really start to edjucate yourselve, not via foxnews, read, listen, think!

    • Get A Clue October 20, 2012

      The financial problems in this county started a lonnnnnnnnnng time before Obama became President and people are idiots to blame him. Companies started moving from this country in late 80′s, early 90′s at a steady rate and jobs were being lost every day. Still banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, gave people false hope by granting credit and loans way beyond the means of their customer. They were greedy, trying to get the most interest they could WHILE they could and EXPECTING government bail outs when the time came. The economic problems in this country are due to greed-of individuals, companies, banks and no one willing to live realistically. We are all paying the price. If companies are not willing to help their fellow Americans, when they built their wealth to begin with on these American backs, then this country will continue to falter. There is money to be made here but evidently not enough for these greed mongers. The “binder” comment was one example of Romney’s basic values coming to light. It IS humorous when one can get past the sadness that HE is a candidate for President. Mind boggling. I firmly believe that the only reasons he has support is that some people are going to vote Republican even if a hamster was the Republican candidate and some people blame Obama for every problem they’ve ever had and will vote for ANYONE else, even ROMNEY. All that being said, thousands of pets are dying every day because some people believe they have to have a purebred animal to have a good pet and so many think it is “cute” to have puppies or kittens, just don’t think it is so cute when it comes to raising them. ADOPT! Spay and Neuter!

  4. Margie Oliveira October 18, 2012

    Ryan, I roared with laughter when I saw this and so did my husband. I even think Clinton would love this too:) Thanks for all you do on behalf of the animals. We have 20 kitties here (we just lost one 3 weeks ago to mouth cancer) and they are all rescues from the streets. The oldest is now 18 and over twenty in the last twenty yrs has gone to the rainbow bridge. The oldest was Samantha at 21 yrs. BTW your link does NOT alienate me from the animals.

  5. Brian Munro October 19, 2012

    What a great post! ROFL And what a creative way to bring attention to the movement. THanks!

  6. Amyb October 19, 2012

    both I, and my 5 males cats – 3 adopted from shelters – plan on voting the demoCAT ticket. We all need health insurance, and I for one do not want to see medicaid/ social security wiped out by 2016. Let’s get Obama, relected…purrhaps Hillary/Michelle in 2016….as for donations to your cause? I gave and give every day at home or at the office – As for spay and neutering, I am happy to say I am pro-choice . Loved your joke…enjoy your fifteen.

  7. Diane Patrick October 19, 2012

    Great meme. I would share but I’m from Australia and nobody knows anything about the debate.

  8. Bud Hansen October 19, 2012

    Lighten up Mary! One of the things that bothers me about so many Repubs; is that they have NO sense of humor!

    • Susan Hayes October 20, 2012

      Aw Bud. I am a card carrying Republican and I throughly enjoy a good joke. This was just hilarious and, for the record, I laugh everytime I see a George W Bush flub.

  9. Jeanette Regan - No Kill Pima County, AZ October 19, 2012

    Very creative Ryan – shared with pleasure!

  10. Sumiko Saulson October 19, 2012

    I totally support your efforts to encourage animal adoption.

  11. Humanist October 20, 2012

    Awesome! I loved this meme, and I’m so happy you took the chance to get the No Kill message out!! My rural, underfunded community shelter in Michigan has been one of the most successful No Kill shelters for years. IT CAN BE DONE because IT IS BEING DONE.

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